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Clarksville Optimal Nutrition

Clarksville Nutritional Counselling

Proper nutrition is key to achieving optimal health

Symptom based healthcare fails to compare to optimal nutrition which can promote vibrant health and prevent degenerative diseases. We have an accepted level of illness in America. As long as you are progressing at the same rate as everyone else, you are considered healthy. If you have clogging arteries, decaying teeth, toxic metal contamination, exhausted adrenal glands, a liver that does not function optimally, a high body fat percentage, a gut that is out of balance, and low levels of many essential nutrients, you may still be called “perfectly healthy”.

Health is defined as an absence of disease. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the American motto. Our replaceable automobile requires maintenance like an oil change, tire rotation, tune up, etc, and we are willing to do what is necessary to keep it running and looking optimal. Our bodies need to have the same type of attention given to them in order for them to run properly.

In America, wellness is an abnormality. We need a new standard of wellness known as optimal health. We need bodies and minds that are as healthy as possible not just merely alive. Otherwise, we are sitting ducks for whatever degenerative disease strikes first. There is no middle ground. We at Clarksville Chiropractors can help you achieve your optimal health by treating such things as high blood pressure, thyroid issues, diabetes, weight loss, heart health issues, adrenal stress, acid reflux disease, and hormone issues.

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