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Your Second Visit to Our Clarksville Practice

Your Report of Findings

Clarksville Chiropractor Dr. Larry Harris explains x-rays

On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

When you arrive for your second visit for the Report of Findings, you will again be greeted by our staff and made comfortable in our sitting area. Hopefully, you have been able to bring along your spouse or a support person to hear the report with you. As soon as a report room is available, you will be escorted in and shown a brief video to help you better understand the remarks and recommendations the doctor will be making as a result of the findings from your examination and evaluation.

Several options will be presented for you relating to care options and the expense associated with each course of care. Once you make your decision as to what option best meets your needs and health goals and express your desire to proceed, care will then be initiated. You will then be taken to a treatment area to receive any prescribed therapy and your second chiropractic adjustment. Consider this moment the turning point for your health challenge, for it truly is. Get ready to start feeling good in your life again!

You should allow 30-40 minutes for this visit. On conclusion of your visit, our staff will schedule your appointments in advance for multiple visits. Please know your schedule to allow for proper planning to maximize your benefit from the care we offer.